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To provide the highest level of accurate and timely investigative analytics and related products and reports, tailored directly to the clients’ needs, while upholding the strictest confidentiality, professionalism and ethical standards.



We perform comprehensive systematic examination and research pertaining to individuals, corporate entities, associated assets and related activities. By using non-public databases, social media and other open sources, in-house official documents, reports and interviews, we attempt to gain a near-complete knowledge of every aspect of the entities in question.


By using a structured scientific process involving the detailed study, organization and correlation of all available information and related analytical products, CRIMINT is able to determine such things as connections between entities, patterns of life, chronology of activities, commodity flow, patterns and trends and anticipated future activities, culminating in detailed operational and analytical findings.


Using investigative analysis tools and techniques, we fuse the investigation/analysis disciplines to identify critical nodes and further pursue and provide the elusive “so what” that we all seek, providing incomparable support in your most complex cases. This is all detailed in associated reports and dynamic analytical products.

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Whether you are an individual requesting an investigation on a person of interest or a law firm, large corporation or small business needing specialized types of investigative analysis, analytical products and related comprehensive reports for ongoing investigations or court cases, CRIMINT Analysis is here to help.

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